Kids Flip Flops by Giant Strides

The use of the word flip-flop for thong sandals is a modern term dating from the 1960’s that describes what is probably the oldest form of footwear still being worn. Flip flops have been around for at least six thousand years.
The oldest surviving examples of thongs were made from papyrus leaves circa 1,500 B.C., which are on display in the British Museum.
Given their long history, flip flops up to now have changed relatively little from ancient times.
Flip flops have now become part of the fashion landscape as much as trainers, jeans and t-shirts.   A large push of the conversion of flip flops into everyday life came from Havaianas, the major Brazilian producer.  For over three decades, Havaianas were $3 Brazilian flip-flops of synthetic rubber that were the footwear of Sao Paulo peasants, housekeepers, dockworkers and other poor people.  Like blue jeans in the United States, at one time worn primarily as working class clothing for miners and laborers, flip-flops transformed into both everyday wear and sometimes high fashion.
Sales took off after supermodels began wearing Havaianas and they began showing up on the red carpet. Havaianas flip flops now are seen on the fashion world’s catwalks.  Manufactured in a multitude of bright colours and styles, Giant Strides stock over 25 different styles of Havaianas catering for babies to teenagers. 
Over the past few years, Havaianas footwear has become a major fashion item – not just a complementary product to clothing.  Colour, patterns, and styles have become much more adventurous and styles change more frequently.
Giant Strides is delighted to be an approved U.K. stockist of Havaianas, which exports over 20 million pairs per year, making it the largest branded producer of flip flops with a market share of between 6% to 10%.

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